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Gaurabai Hi-tech Banana Award
Sponsor :  Jain Charities - Convenor : Jain Irrigation

Background Outline :
“Do Something in life which will not only fill up your & your associates’ belly, but also will satisfy the needs of birds & animals as well.”

Nature of Award :

Level           :   National

Amount       :   Rs. 21,000/-

Field            :   Hi Tech Banana

Periodicity   :   Annual (?)

Since when :   2000

Programme of Award :
To whom     :  Farmer spreading Banana Hi Tech
Where         :  Jalgaon

Original Concept of Award by :
Shri. Bhavarlal Jain

Selection Criteria for Award :

• Use of high yield banana variety, attractive bunch with homogeneity, more pulp in fruit, disease-free banana, long & thick fruit.

• Consistency and improvement in application of modern cultivation and irrigation methods

• Striving for spreading hi-tech agriculture in the interest of public welfare.

• Himself a farmer.

Recipients of Award :
No. Recipient Year

Shri D.K. Mahajan, Waghoda


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